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A:  Adult traffic is the type of traffic that is directed to sites like pornography, casinos for adults, and other websites with adult materials inappropriate for minors such as adult magazines and sex toys.
Non-adult traffic has non-explicit materials and receives visitors of all ages.

A:  We never use pop-ups or pop-unders because all internet users have some type of blockers. Instead, we redirect traffic from expired domains.
This type of traffic depends on redirected users from sources identified earlier. These are distinctive and willing users seeking specific sites.

A:  We work with a wide advertising network that owns millions of domains that are previously expired and bought back through auctions. The network uses software to categorize expired domains and to manage this traffic. Traffic generated from expired domains is leased and redirected to our system. It is then filtered using tracking script and redirect to advertisers’ websites.

A:  Our specific geographic targeting system is presently available depending on particular countries and their location. We are, however, designing more specific targeting options in the immediate future. In this case, customers are free to select and target campaigns of particular cities, individual states, or even provinces.

A:  Even though delivering traffic is dependent on volumes of an individual campaigns, some days, it is possible to get thousands of users and visitors. But on other days, you can get just a few. With us, you will be guaranteed to get the appropriate hit number you purchase as fast as possible.

A:  It is possible for you to promote services and products directly using affiliate links. All that is required of you is setting an affiliate link you want to use as URL address you want to promote. Then, choose the right category as well as the keywords for service(s) and product(s).

A:  Bulk traffic is a term used to refer to general uncategorized traffic. It is also used in reference to non-targeted traffic emanating from every source irrespective of origin, or niche of interest. Niche and geo-targeted traffic targets particular niche and originates from a particular area.

A:  Every package of traffic has limitation to only one URL. This is used to help in tracking down traffic as well as analysis for categorization. You will be required to buy packages for each URL you would like to promote.

A:  A visit refers to a unique individual who comes across your site. Many companies trick clients by hits, that are not unique.
A hit occurs after loading a file. This generates a number of hits. Generally, people confuse visits and hits. What we count is unique visits, not simply hits.

A:  Every campaign has real-time data to help you track progress during the entire process. After placing an order, set your login details for the members section. Then, use the link for login located at the top section of the page to access statistics of your campaign.

A:  No! Every visitor that we deliver is legitimate and hails from our wide advertising network mainly through redirected visits.
We do not use banners, email spam, spyware, or pop-unders to generate and send traffic.

A:  We cannot make any guarantees about increase in your sales conversions as it all depends on the service or product you sell and all other factors such as site design etc.
However, we have had some clients that doubled their sales in the past as soon as they have started receving our traffic, while some others have had only a few sales.

A:  Yes, you can. The choice of what you want to promote is entirely dependent on you. To promote adult content related sites using our website, you should purchase adult traffic packages available.

A:  Your website should be legal. We only send traffic to websites that have content which is appropriate for all viewers.
No site that has illegal content, inciting, promoting hate or illegal activities is allowed in our system. (Visit the TOS page to see our Terms and Conditions).

A:  We have traffic for all niches. However, what we display are key niches for easy navigation. If your niche is not in the list, or you do not understand where it is supposed to be categorized, make sure to place your order with us for appropriate URL and additional info.

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A:  Normally, the two counters should be equivalent. However, request to your site can be prevented by:

  • Slow connections
  • Site unavailability
  • Using copied cache
  • Malfunctioning computer

Consider testing Web-based counter and Javascriptresults with Google analytics and StarCounter codes.

A:  If you enter incorrect URL for your campaign, don’t panic. Use this process to correct it.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to the “View Campaigns”
  3. Click “Edit Site URL”
  4. Provide correct URL and submit

Changing the URL after the campaign is activated is subject to a service charge of $10.

A:  Perhaps you are aware that an rDNS search is insufficient to give you an exact geographical location.
Since you cannot determine the right physical location of a visitor using IP address alone, the main goal is using probability.
Most systems use assumptions to establish users’ location. We believe our method produces superior results even though not perfect. Therefore it is not possible to send 100% targeted traffic.

A:  You can change the campaign URL as long as the campaign is in approval mode and waiting to be activated. However, there will be a charge of $10 to change the campaign URL after your campaign is activated.
Make sure to visit the FAQ page on (correcting wrong URLs).

A:  Once you place your request, we start within 48 hours. Immediately after, visitors will start streaming in.
At first the visits might just be a few hundreds daily and then increase gradually.
We give you guarantee of visitation numbers within specified timeframes (excluding specific campaigns of over 100,000 that will last longer).

A:  This is not common. However, it may happen when your selected niche does not have many visitors.
The traffic companies rarely face such shortages.
If this is your case, please understand we are working hard to complete your campaign on time.

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